Best Oils For Healthy, Beautiful Hair

1.) Olive Oil. We have Olive Oil as number one on the list because it is most likely the most affordable option on this list. Olive Oil serves as a great hair conditioner. Leave it in your hair for a few hours, then shampoo your hair afterwards. Just be aware if you have blonde or any other light color hair because the pigments in olive oil will slight change your color. It serves best for people with dark color hair or black hair because the pigments in the olive oil won’t have any affect on the hair.


2.) Argan Oil. Probably the best option because there isn’t any type of hair that cannot benefit from the use of argan oil. Argan oil serves as a good pre-styling product since it can protect from heat styling and is a great moisturizer. In addition to protection from heat protection, it also offers UV protection which is good for people who notice their hair change color during the summer months.


3.) Tea Tree Oil. One of the best for the scalp, Tea Tree Oil will help you relieve problems with itchy scalp and is an excellent solution for people who have flakes. Flakes are the product of dead skin cells from the scalp falling off. In addition to moisturizing the scalp, tea tree oil contains anti fungal and anti bacterial properties that can be the solution for people who suffer from dandruff, which is a seperate problem not related to flakes.


4.) Coconut Oil. One of the best oils that helps promote hair growth. Coconut oil is good for people with either dry or oily hair because it will help regulate the amount of natural oil in your hair until there is a healthy balance. This is a good option for all types of hair becuase similar to Tea Tree Oil, it contains little to no pigment.

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