Best Practices To Achieve & Maintain Healthy Hair PART 1

This post will not be specific, but a broad idea of the techniques you can use to achieve and maintain healthy hair. Also note that these practices will not be in any specified order or rank. Each has its own benefits to your hair and can’t be deemed more or less important than another practice. That being said, lets begin!

  1. Shampooing your hair is needed to clean your hair, but the type and frequency of washing will be different for every person. Some people may only need to wash hair weekly and others will need to wash it daily. You don’t want your hair to get to oily and greasy because it will eventually lead to slower hair growth due to pores getting clogged by the grease and dirt. Experiment for yourself. If you hair is very oily and greasy naturally, then you might have to wash everyday, but find a good shampoo, one that is moisturizing and preferably sulfate-free.
  2. Consider deep conditioning or leave-in conditioner. Contrary to its counterpart, conditioner is very, very beneficial to the hair. For people who have a problem with dry hair, always condition your hair every time you get in the shower. Give your hair time to repair, but if you still have dry hair, then consider adding a deep conditioner or leave-in conditioner to your routine. The additional conditioning will help leaving your hair sleek, soft and smooth. From personal knowledge and dry-prone curly hair, the extra conditioning has only provided benefits, since little can be said about conditioning being bad for your hair.
  3. Be gentle with your hair. Whether it be towel drying your hair, brushing, combing or doing anything to your hair, do it gentle. Hair is sensitive (try and pull one of your hairs off if you need proof) and should be treated with care to prevent hair loss and long term damage. Towel dry gently by “touching” instead or “rubbing” and invest a good wide-tooth comb or paddle brush for your hair.
  4. If you color your hair, whether it be bleached, or semi-permanent, follow points 2 and 3 religiously or just see how your hair turns out afterwards. If you hair has been colored, you need to maintain it.
  5. Limit the amount of added heat to your hair or protect it with a “shield” if you are always applying hot tools to your hair. Blow drying, flat ironing and curling can help you hair look nice for an occasion, but can cause heat damage to your hair in the long term. It is best to limit the application of hot tools, but if you find yourself in need of their usage, then apply a heat protection agent to your hair. Products will say on their label/description if they have heat protection or not. Keep in mind that these products don’t 100% percent protection from hot tools, but are certainly a much better option for your hair then no protection whatsoever.
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One comment on “Best Practices To Achieve & Maintain Healthy Hair PART 1
  1. Traci Rushford says:

    All great stuff on your post. I really need to put less heat on my hair and the winter isn’t helping much 🙁

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