Dry Shampoo, Everything You Need To Know!

Everyone has probably heard of shampoo, but many people are still unfamiliar with dry shampoo. What is the purpose of dry shampoo? How often should I be using it? How do I use it? These and many more questions will be cleared up in this article. Dry shampoo, just like regular shampoo, is used to clean your hair of oils that build up and give your hair the “greasy, weighed down” look.

It is important to note that dry shampoo comes in two forms, sprays and powders. Both of them do the same job and achieve the same results, but the process of applying is just slights different. It can actually be argued that the spray version of dry shampoo is better because the pressure of the spray apply better to hair. Personally, I have not been able to see much, if any, difference on my hair or any of my clients hair. The downside of the spray version is that it releases particles in the air which are not safe to breathe, which people worried about their health or environment should opt for the powder version.

The next step is to apply to dry shampoo to your hair, naturally. Many people may not be aware, but there is a correct way to apply this product and an incorrect way. Lets start out with the incorrect way: People often apply to much product all in one area. They also don’t let the dry shampoo sit for a couple of minutes before styling. You should apply only a decent amount, and that amount will vary depending on how oily your hair is, and spread it from your roots to your ends. After you apply, you want to allow the dry shampoo to be able to absorb the oils before you begin styling your hair with any other product.

How often should you be using dry shampoo? The anwser also varies on how often you would normally wash your hair with regular shampoo. If you normally shampoo every other day, then apply dry shampoo every other day. However, please don’t misread this as an excuse to take a shower! Dry shampoo is a great fix for not washing your hair, but you still need to use condition your hair to help moisturize, soften, detangle and preserve color if you color your hair.

That being said, I hope this information will help clarify some peoples questions towards dry shampoo. I definitly recommend it to anyone because of its practicality. Enjoy its benefits, but remember to keep showering!

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