How To Make My Hair Less Greasy – Salons Guide To Healthy Hair

Greasy hair is a issue that can cause a host of problems for your hair, but it’s not something that you have to suffer from any longer. We should start out by saying that this is not a guide to eliminating all the oils from the scalp because that wouldn’t be healthy, but to get you to a point where the hair is producing the right amount of oils to keep your scalp and hair healthy. This is not for some people, but for everyone. Everyone needs to have a minimum amount of oil on their scalp in order to keep it hydrated, maintain your hairstyle and avoid problems such as dandruff from drying out your scalp or greasy looking hair from washing your hair too much. Yes, that is correct, your hair will because more greasy than natural is you wash your hair too often!


Everyone, regardless or gender or ethnicity, will have their body produce a minimum amount of oil on the scalp in order to maintain healthy hair. Washing your hair with shampoo will remove that oil from the scalp in order to clean the hair. The body will just produce more oil in order to compensate for the lost oil after the wash, but if the washing is occurring everyday, your body will have to compensate even further by producing excess oil on your scalp. This is the cause of hair becoming too greasy because the body will not naturally produce this excess oil unless it has to compensate for the oils lost during the hair wash. The cause of the problem for greasy hair will also lead us to our solution.


If you wash your hair on a daily bases with shampoo, you will want to transition to washing it to 1-4 times a week. This will be hard in the first several weeks because your hair and scalp will need time to adjust to your new routine in washing so your hair will look extra greasy in these first several weeks, but the scalp will regulate its oil production afterwards and only produce a healthy amount for the hair. You will save money in the process and your hair will look healthier as a result, so it’s well worth the transition. Something extra that you may want to consider is a sulfate-free shampoo because the sulfates themselves are harsh on your scalp and may also cause greasy looking hair in some people even if they only wash their hair a few times a week. Tell your friends, family, loved ones that may be suffering from a greasy head and join us on social media for even more interesting discussion!

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