How to prevent hair loss? Here’s the way!

Hear loss, deadful hair loss. We all love our healthy, beautiful hair so we don’t want it to go. Therefore, Jorgo Salon has researched and created a guide consisting of different steps that you can take to help prevent hair loss, which are easy enough to start trying now. Man or woman, this can help anyone who is suffering with hair loss.

  1. Don’t pull your hair too tight. Anyone wearing their hair in a ponytail pigtail or other hairstyle that requires putting it in a band sould just be cautious on not pulling your hair tightly. Constant pulling of your hair can lead to strands weakening at their root and falling off over time.
  2. Purchase the right shampoo! We have made previous posts about not shampooing your hair every day, but it is still very that you shampoo often enough. The recommended amount of times to shampoo your hair per week is about 2-3 times per week. For people who are experiencing hair loss, we recommend using mild shampoo. Mild Shampoos often contain sulfosuccinates, sultaines and amphodiacetates.
  3. Brush your hair correctly. Your hair is most sensitive when it’s wet. Invest in a good brush and never brush from the top of your hair down, but from under the side and out.
  4. Have a healthy and balanced diet. If the first three steps are not working for you, you should look into your diet. Having a low calorie diet, or a diet missing necessary nutrients can also lead to hair loss. Iron, protein, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids and biotin all contribute to having healthy hair.
  5. Go to bed! Making sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep contribute to a healthy body and mind, but also to healthy hair.

All that’s remaining is to start applying these important steps to your daily life. The sooner you start implementing these steps, the sooner you will start seeing healthy hair.

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