How to Style Hair (Easy So Anyone Can Do It)

If you style your hair in the morning before going to work or school, there is a good chance that your doing something wrong that is keeping your hair from looking it’s best. This guide will be just a few tips on some things that you should consider and change in your styling routine, rather than a guide for actual step by step style (there are thousands of styles for men and women, that we couldn’t possibly cover in one post). That being said, lets dive right in:

1.) Some products should be used on wet hair and some on dry hair. It is very important to know how to properly apply the products into your hair to achieve the best results. If it isn’t applied properly, then the product won’t yield the best results.
2.) How much product to apply to your hair. If you apply to little product to your hair, the style won’t hold at all or for a very short amount of time. If you use too much, your hair will be heavy and the style won’t hold either. This is a trial and error experiment to find out how much product of best to apply to your hair. It is always best to start with a dime sized amount and add more if necessary.
3.) Pick a style that is suitable to your hair type. If you are someone with curly hair, then your hair will not hold a style that typically requires straight hair and vice versa. It is better to pick a style or styles that suite your hair type so you don’t have to spend extra time straightening curly hair or curling straight hair.
4.) If you put product into your hair the day before, you can work off of that style instead if washing your hair and styling from the very beginning. Washing, drying and style your hair can be time consuming, so if you have time constraints, you can get away with styling your hair by working off of the products you used the day before. You should simply apply a small amount of water, via your hands or a spray bottle, rub your hair, dry slightly and reapply product. This process uses less time then washing, drying and styling and can achieve a nearly identical result.
5.) Working off of point 4, this isn’t something that should be done every day. You will eventually have to wash your hair because there will be too much product build up and your hair will get dirty and greasy. Try to plan to wash your hair on the days that you have more available time rather than days that you will be tight on time.
6.) Consider the product you are using. You can watch thousands of tutorials about hair styling, but if you are using a low quality product, then you simply can’t achieve your best look. It’s better to invest in a great product and have it for a long time, rather than buying a low quality product and throwing it away after a couple of uses. We recommend brands such as Bumble & Bumble and Moroccanoil.
7.) Take the time and experiment with new hairstyles. You don’t know what might look best on your hair if you don’t try different styles. You can also have multiple styles and change up your look through out the week.

We hope you found this guide helpful and hope to see you in the salon soon!
All the best,
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