Remedy For Hair Loss That Companies Don’t Want You To Know

If you are experiencing hair loss due to factors that are not external in your environment (sleep, diet, hair care, etc.) then there is likely an internal factor that is resulting in your hair loss. Inside of your body, hair loss is caused by enzymes in your body turning testosterone into a molecule called DHT. DHT causes hair to thin and results in hair loss. Because men have more testosterone than women, it is more common to see balding and thinning in men than women.
Saw Palmetto is the solution to stopping this natural occurrence in the body. While there is not a vast amount of research on exactly how Saw Palmetto blocks DHT from forming, but there is promise in the little research that has been conducted and people have reported that they have stopped or their hair loss has slowed down. Saw Palmetto can be consumed in either tablet, capsule or liquid extract form and not a very expensive product to purchase. It is a product that is worth trying and may prove to provide better results than some hair regrowth treatments. Comment your results if you have used it before or comment any questions or concerns you may have. All the best!

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