What Are Flyaway Hairs And How To Tame Them

Winter is still here, so we have to provide you with the best advice that you can use to keep your hair as healthy as possible in this unique season. We use the word unique because it is important to pay more attention to your hair in the winter than in any other month. A prime example would be taking a shower in the morning and going to work while your hair may still be damp. We will list several things that you should do in the winter time for your hair and why it is imperative to implement these steps:

1.) Never leave your house with wet or damp hair. It is a routine for many people to take a shower, get dressed and leave for work. In the winter time, wet hair can actually cause you many problems, if temperatures are below freezing. Hair will freeze if it is wet and exposed to cold temperatures, resulting in breakage in the hair. If you have breakage in your hair, you will notice that there will be some pieces that will stick out after you finish styling it, or even without styling it. These hair that stick out are called flyaway hairs and are hair strands that have breakage.

2.) Use conditioner, especially in the winter! Actually, we recommend that every single person, regardless of hair type, use conditioner in their hair every day. If your hair is hydrated, it is less likely that breakage will occur so you can go longer between your visits to your hair stylists for a trim. If you don’t use conditioner, your hair will be prone to breakage, more so in the winter which is a dry season, and the breakage will result in flyaway in your hair.

3.) Actually get a great haircut. There are many stylists that can give you a good cut, but few will give you a great one. A great stylist will cut your hair, but go over it again and go over all of the little details, such as the flyaway hairs.

4.) If you have flyaway hairs, you can put hairspray on your hand and apply it to your hair to hold those pieces in place for a few hours and just reapply as necessary.


If you have something that works best for you, let us know in the comments. Cheers!

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