What makes a good haircut a…GOOD HAIRCUT

The best haircut for your hair? A good haircut is not determined by what a stylist cuts off, but by what they leave on your head. Anyone and everyone can be able to cut hair off, but only select few know what to leave on your hair to give you the best haircut. It is also important ┬áto note that we are not talking about a particular hairstyle or something that’s trending. We are referring to a haircut that will compliment your face, personality and represent who you are as a person.

There is a difference between asking for a David Beckham haircut and asking for a David Beckham inspired haircut. By asking for a David Beckham haircut, your trying to replicate the look, but your haircut will not come out the same because everyone has a different face, hair texture and style. What may look good on someone else may suit your style. An inspired haircut will allow room for customization and make the style unique to your head. A stylist will have something to work with so the haircut can be unique to the shape of your head, face and personality. After this is all said and done, what’s next?

The way in which you style your hair says a lot about you as well. If you have length of at least 1 inch, you should make the effort to style your hair when your out and about. Going back to the part on first impressions, your hair is one of the first things people look at (length, color, and style) to form a opinion of what type of person you might be. If you just put your hair in a bun (girls) or just leave it down (guys) without putting any type of style for that day, people who meet you will take that information to form an opinion about you.

The main point you should take away is that you want to get a haircut that will suit your look and style and not try to replicate a haircut from someone else because what looks good on someone else may not look best on you. Stand out and be unique!



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